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12/03/2016mov163 MB12/03/2016
12/03/2016mov199 MB12/03/2016
Mar 29 2015 - Approved
12/03/2016mov242 MB12/03/2016
12/27/2015mov310 MB12/27/2015
12/20/2015mov269 MB12/20/2015
12/13/2015mov226 MB12/13/2015
12/06/2015mov212 MB12/06/2015
Nov 29 2015 - Know Peace
11/29/2015mov267 MB11/29/2015
11/22/2015mov303 MB11/22/2015
11/15/2015mov266 MB11/15/2015
Nov 8 2015 - Greatness
11/10/2015mov238 MB11/10/2015
11/01/2015mov254 MB11/01/2015
10/25/2015mov368 MB10/25/2015
10/18/2015mov303 MB10/18/2015
Oct 11 2015 - Worship
10/11/2015mov239 MB10/11/2015
10/05/2015mov357 MB10/05/2015
9/27/2015mov323 MB9/27/2015
Sep 20 2015 - Gone Fishing
9/20/2015mov232 MB9/20/2015
Sep 13 2015 - I Doubt It
9/13/2015mov287 MB9/13/2015
9/06/2015mov263 MB9/06/2015
8/30/2015mov301 MB8/30/2015
Aug 23 2015 - Well Done
8/23/2015mov313 MB8/23/2015
8/16/2015mov274 MB8/16/2015
Aug 2 2015 - Water Baptism
8/02/2015mov220 MB8/02/2015
July 26 2015 - Expectancy
7/26/2015mov249 MB7/26/2015
Jul 19 2015 - Hunger
7/19/2015mov382 MB7/19/2015
7/12/2015mov248 MB7/12/2015
Jul 5 2015 - Free Indeed
7/05/2015mov313 MB7/05/2015
Jun 28 2015 - The Diploma
6/28/2015mov236 MB6/28/2015
Jun 21 2015 - Invictus
6/21/2015mov303 MB6/21/2015
6/14/2015mov199 MB6/14/2015
6/07/2015mov201 MB6/07/2015
5/31/2015mov273 MB5/31/2015
5/25/2015mov265 MB5/25/2015
5/17/2015mov194 MB5/17/2015
5/10/2015mov313 MB5/10/2015
5/03/2015mov357 MB5/03/2015
4/26/2015mov297 MB4/26/2015
4/19/2015mov229 MB4/19/2015
4/13/2015mov215 MB4/13/2015
Apr 5 2015 - In Fact
4/05/2015mov237 MB4/05/2015
3/22/2015mov263 MB3/22/2015
3/15/2015mov242 MB3/15/2015
3/08/2015mov207 MB3/08/2015
Mar 1 2015 - When You Fast
3/01/2015mov217 MB3/01/2015
Feb 22 2015 - Fasting
2/22/2015mov271 MB2/22/2015
2/16/2015mov270 MB2/16/2015
2/08/2015mov317 MB2/08/2015
2/01/2015mov229 MB2/01/2015
1/25/2015mov251 MB1/25/2015
1/18/2015mov302 MB1/18/2015
1/11/2015mov210 MB1/11/2015
1/04/2015mov265 MB1/04/2015
12/28/2014mov278 MB12/28/2014
Dec 21 2014 - Undiluted
12/21/2014mov209 MB12/21/2014
12/14/2014mov228 MB12/14/2014
12/07/2014mov247 MB12/07/2014
11/30/2014mov272 MB11/30/2014
11/23/2014mov262 MB11/23/2014
11/16/2014mov252 MB11/16/2014
11/09/2014mov209 MB11/09/2014
Nov 2 2014 - In The Middle
11/02/2014mov223 MB11/02/2014
Oct 26 2014 - Influence
10/26/2014mov264 MB10/26/2014
10/20/2014mov521 MB10/20/2014
10/12/2014mov253 MB10/12/2014
10/05/2014mov248 MB10/05/2014
9/28/2014mov230 MB9/28/2014
9/21/2014mov243 MB9/21/2014
9/14/2014mov287 MB9/14/2014
9/07/2014mov222 MB9/07/2014
9/02/2014mov263 MB9/02/2014
8/24/2014mov260 MB8/24/2014
8/17/2014mov222 MB8/17/2014
8/10/2014mov282 MB8/10/2014
8/03/2014mov213 MB8/03/2014
7/27/2014mov222 MB7/27/2014
7/13/2014mov269 MB7/13/2014
7/06/2014mov209 MB7/06/2014
6/29/2014mov227 MB6/29/2014
6/23/2014mov232 MB6/23/2014
6/18/2014mov289 MB6/18/2014
6/08/2014mov258 MB6/08/2014
6/01/2014mov311 MB6/01/2014
5/26/2014mov301 MB5/26/2014
5/04/2014mov288 MB5/04/2014
4/27/2014mov278 MB4/27/2014
4/20/2014mov186 MB4/20/2014
4/13/2014mov239 MB4/13/2014
Apr 6 2014 - Courage
4/06/2014mov277 MB4/06/2014
3/30/2014mov251 MB3/30/2014
3/23/2014mov243 MB3/23/2014
3/16/2014mov250 MB3/16/2014
3/09/2014mov233 MB3/09/2014
3/02/2014mov304 MB3/02/2014
2/23/2014mov333 MB2/23/2014
2/16/2014mov261 MB2/16/2014
2/09/2014mov252 MB2/09/2014
2/02/2014mov253 MB2/02/2014
1/26/2014mov262 MB1/26/2014
1/19/2014mov280 MB1/19/2014
1/12/2014mov300 MB1/12/2014
1/08/2014mov299 MB1/08/2014
12/29/2013mov227 MB12/29/2013
Dec 8 2013 - Know Peace
12/08/2013mov268 MB12/08/2013
11/24/2013mov267 MB11/24/2013
11/17/2013mov240 MB11/17/2013
11/10/2013mov279 MB11/10/2013
11/06/2013mov219 MB11/06/2013
10/27/2013mov241 MB10/27/2013
Oct 20 2013 - Witness
10/20/2013mov286 MB10/20/2013
10/13/2013mov228 MB10/13/2013
10/06/2013mov289 MB10/06/2013
9/29/2013mov302 MB9/29/2013
9/15/2013mov262 MB9/15/2013
9/08/2013mov254 MB9/08/2013
Sep 1 2013 - I Get To
9/01/2013mov250 MB9/01/2013
8/25/2013mov244 MB8/25/2013
8/18/2013mov220 MB8/18/2013
8/11/2013mov258 MB8/11/2013
8/04/2013mov263 MB8/04/2013
July 28 2013 - Diploma
7/28/2013mov294 MB7/28/2013
July 21 2013 - Contagious
7/21/2013mov213 MB7/21/2013
7/14/2013mov188 MB7/14/2013
7/07/2013mov237 MB7/07/2013
6/30/2013mov231 MB6/30/2013
6/23/2013mov221 MB6/23/2013
June 16 2013 - Victorious
6/16/2013mov279 MB6/16/2013
6/09/2013mov234 MB6/09/2013
6/02/2013mov285 MB6/02/2013
5/26/2013mov237 MB5/26/2013
5/13/2013mov312 MB5/13/2013
5/05/2013mov255 MB5/05/2013
4/28/2013mov218 MB4/28/2013
4/14/2013mov183 MB4/14/2013
4/07/2013mov248 MB4/07/2013
3/31/2013mov216 MB3/31/2013
3/24/2013mov218 MB3/24/2013
3/17/2013mov162 MB3/17/2013
3/17/2013mov227 MB3/17/2013
3/17/2013mov198 MB3/17/2013
3/10/2013mov164 MB3/10/2013