Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower our missionaries through prayer, encouragement, and financial support. That they may go “Anywhere, at any price, so that all can hear.” Through and with them, we can share the love of Jesus around the world.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the Ends of the Earth” (JJSEE). Acts 1:8

August 2018 Haiti Missions Trip Highlights


Our Missionaries

Christopher & Nasim Ali – Global University
Timothy H & Deborah Anderson – Ecuador
Gilbert Banton III – Chi Alpha Campus Ministries
Gloria Biffert – Democratic Republic of Congo
Sarah Blackstone – Japan
Bloom: A Place for Girls - Buzzards Bay, MA
Selwyn and Lori Bodley - Peru
Eugene & Lynn Breitenbach – Chi Alpha Campus Ministries
Max & Lauren Brockmeyer – Belgium
Mike & Polly Brown – Bolivia
Unnamed – Indonesia
Sara Carabetta - Acts 4 Ministry
John Carlock – Palestine
Joel & Adrienne Charest – Mozambique
North American Church Planting
Teen Challenge – New Haven, CT
Seth and Brooke Collins – UNC Chi Alpha Campus Ministries
Jesse and Hillary Comrie - President Global Renewal
Unnamed - Israel
James and Rachael Courter - Haiti
Jered and Danielle Dahlstrom - Romania
Daniel & Alicia Desrosiers – International Media Ministries (IMM)
Paul & Lana Duda – Cuba
Unnamed – Central Eurasia 
Steven C & Astrid Dunn – Germany
Laura Fazio – Sicily
Laurie Fenneuff – Royal Family Kids
John & Theresa Flood – Native American Ministries
Unnamed – Indonesia
Chris (Charles) & Rebecca Green – The Netherlands
Richard & Kelly Green – Builders International in Haiti
Elyse Hill - Hungary
Ming Shu Melvin & Louise Ho – Global University
Jacobs Hope - World Missions
Hope Pregnancy Center - Cheshire, CT
Dan Johnson - UMass Freedom Cafe
Daniel R & Beatriz Klaehn – Nicaragua
Gene H & Jeanne Lamay – Latin America Caribbean
Brenda Lillie – The Netherlands
Unnamed – Yangtze-Pearl River Deltas
Rob & Sarah Malcolm – Yale Chi Alpha Campus Ministries
Unnamed – Middle East/North Africa
Judith Mensch – The Netherlands
David & Kandra Millsaps – Lithuania
Rebekah Nichols – Romania
Northpoint Bible College – Haverhill, MA
Patrick & Michelle O’Loughlin – Ireland
Michael & Barbara Olejarz – Chi Alpha Campus Ministries
Tom and Rachel Pitot - Island of Vanuatu
Unnamed – India 
Unnamed – India
Unnamed – Middle East/North Africa
Unnamed – Yangtze-Pearl River Deltas
Nick and Brittney Serban - Thailand
Matt & Amanda Souza – GodSquad Gaming
Chris Stucchi - Tanzania
Krista Tarnowski - Sicily 
David & Emily Trementozzi - Belgium
Chris & Margaret Trombetta – Native American Ministries
Mike & Cara Tyler – Germany
Valley Forge Christian College – PA
Neil & Kathy Vanaria – Italy
Michael & Pennie Wiles – Church Development
Jeffrey Woods - Comoros Islands
Kevin Zurrica – Youth Alive


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